Welcome to the Gnostic Witch Blog

My name is Katie, and here you can find my musings and reflections about what it’s like to be a practical witch and modern gnostic in twenty-first century America. I define a gnostic as someone who continually searches within themselves a transcendent spark that inspires deep insight. Likewise, I define a witch as someone who liaises between the transcendent, unseen world and the mundane, tangible one.

I call myself a Gnostic Witch because I believe deep healing can occur when one quietly and intimately gets acquainted with the internal Self and its relationship to community, the land, and ancestral wisdom. This healing when applied outwardly can lead to compassionate social change, so that a practitioner can continually realign themselves to better honor themselves and be of service to others.

My hope is that this blog might inspire others to cultivate a similar practice in their own lives.