Healing Craft Services

A beaver skull and brídeóg, an effigy to the saint and goddess Brigid. Photo by author.


As a witch and ally of Brigid I offer healing craft sessions to those seeking spiritual counsel. All services are remote by phone or Zoom and are available at a sliding scale donation from $0-50. Pay what you can. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Use the form below detailing your name, which service interests you, and a brief summary about the issues troubling you.

Note to clients: Katie Olson is not a licensed therapist, doctor, or lawyer and is not qualified to give legal or medical counsel. Spiritual counsel can be transformative and is provided upon client consent. It should not be used as a substitute for medical or psychiatric care.


Divination Readings

Divination is a helpful tool to clarify underlying issues in areas of life, such as relationships or work. I find that it’s most effective when used to determine a need vs. want (e.g. Where do I need to apply myself at this moment?) I use a variety of modalities for readings, depending on the nature of the inquiry. This might include tarot cards, crystals, aeromancy (weather divination), ceromancy (candle wax divination), or galdr (giving voice to spiritual healing through song). While divination can predict potential outcomes, readings do not reveal a fixed point in the future. The true outcome relies on the accountability and personal agency of the client to heed the wisdom of each reading.


Elemental Balancing

At times in life we experience sudden change or stagnation that leaves us feeling disoriented or uncertain. Elemental Balancing is a type of energetic triage that uses the four classical elements to help someone enter back into alignment. By assessing where the source of the imbalance is located – mind (air), body (earth), action (fire), or emotions (water) – we can determine which element needs further integration in order to restore balance. While elemental balancing is typically done akin to laying healing hands on the client, it can also be done verbally through spiritual counsel. Elemental balancing might include follow-up sessions for personal ritual work, such as chord cutting or essence retrieval.